Moving to Jekyll

A brief note to indicate we have ported the FT Labs blog from Wordpress to Jekyll.


A variety reasons, including

  • We had no immediately available Wordpress skills (nor did we particularly want any).
  • Wordpress, whilst being largely fine, involved too much peripheral noise.
  • Jekyll gives us easy access to all parts of the blog.
  • By using our GitHub accounts for Jekyll admin access, we can remove the need to maintain accounts in Wordpress.
  • Increased visibility of the blog and its workings to FT tech people.
  • We can use the lovely GitHub Pages as a host, and remove another system from the list of Things We Have To Worry About (tm).
  • Jekyll+Liquid is fun.


  • We have striven to persist the permalinks of the old FT Labs posts.
  • We are slowly teasing out all the WordPress-isms which resulted from the initial, fairly brutal, recursive web-suck
  • Does not yet seem to have lead to a marked increase in the rate at which we write new posts, so may simply have been a fine example of Yak Shaving.